Glass decanter by Pvra

ENGOMADA is a decanter that captures the moment when a teardrop is in perfect balance and remains whole. Like a water droplet hanging on a leaf: elegant and still. Highlight your table with a different touch.

Capacity: 0.9L.

Production time: 4 – 6 weeks.


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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 39 × 26 × 24 cm


Finishing's base

Cold white, Colourless

Delivery time

3 – 4 weeks
We try to dispatch the items as soon as possible. Dispatch is when we ship the item to our delivery partners who handle final delivery. Delivery should be made within 3 working days.

Designed by

Pvra team

Made in Portugal

Produced in Marinha Grande, in the centre of Portugal. The process of Blowing glass is a craftsmanship practised in Portugal since the 16th century and is becoming a rarity. So, Pvra recovers this technique. Shaped and handmade by seasoned artisans, every piece is unique and each edition is limited to a small number.


Decanter in glass and base in solid oak.

Important details

Shaped and handmade by seasoned artisans, every piece is unique.

Package details

W43 x D30 x H18 cm / W16.8 x D11,7 x H7 in
+/- 2.5 kg/ 5,5 lbs
0.9 L

Maintenance & Care

Cleaning a decanter can and is quite easy even for those with the oddest of shapes. After your drinking moment, empty the decanter if there is any wine remaining and fill it with hot water and let it soak for approximately 10 minutes. Then, start the cleaning method. Note that there are various cleaning methods.
The method with Cleaning Beads:
Cleaning beads are little stainless-steel balls that excel in reaching the most troublesome parts of your decanter. The only thing you need to do is grab some hot water and pour it inside. Then, gently insert the beads and swirl. Because they are so small, they can clean places impossible to reach without scratching the glass due to their smoothness and sponginess. When you are done just drain them out to a new vessel and rinse them with hot water. Take your time doing this to make sure you do not lose any ball. Let them dry before you store them. The only downside of this method is that it is more expensive than the other ones shown here. But it is our opinion that the beads pay themselves by the ease of use, efficiency and time saved. They are reusable and will last for a long time. Therefore, this method is our number 1 recommendation.

The method with Vinegar:
A gentle alternative to the previous method. However, be mindful that white vinegar is better suited for this task as it is a more powerful cleaning agent than its normal counterpart. Just pour some hot water on the decanter and then splash some vinegar. Swirl it around as needed. Remove the solution from the decanter and add hot water again to remove the smell. If this is not enough you can repeat the previous steps and add some uncooked rice with the vinegar for maximum effect. The obvious advantage of this method is its gentleness and natural ingredients. However, the smell of vinegar may be difficult to remove and interfere with the taste of the wine in the future.

The Final Touches:
Polishing – If you want that extra sparkle and make an impact with your glass piece, you can polish it. Simply boil some water and put the decanter on top of it to absorb the steam (without touching the water). Here is a video on how to do it with a glass cup.
Drying – Use a microfiber cloth to dry the exterior quickly without leaving any debris.
Storing – It is best to store in a place with air circulation. Cupboards and cabinets often leave a smell on the decanter and may affect the wine experience, so it is best to avoid those. If you are having problems with condensation drop a silica packet inside.

The Don’ts:
Do not put your decanter in the dishwasher as it is too rough on the glass/crystal and may damage it. Do not use a sponge either. Do not use boiling water. Warm or hot water is recommended. Do not use dishwasher soap or detergent. It might leave behind residue and faint flavours. Do not let a used decanter dry for too long with wine still inside. This makes the stains considerably harder to remove. Do not expose the decanter to sudden temperature changes. Glass is fragile and can crack under this effect. Do not use personal jewellery and watches while cleaning to prevent scratching the glass.


This product is guaranteed for a period of 3 years. It includes problems concerned with production or material faults. During this time we will repair or replace the product. The warranty excludes all damages caused by improper usage, negligence or natural wearing out of the product.
Within 14 days
By credit card & Paypal
+351 920 401 918

Is the material of the glass decanter sustainable?

The materials used to make glass decanters are natural and abundant, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Where is made the glass decanter?

The glass decanter is designed and produced in Portugal. Blowing glass is a craftsmanship practiced in Portugal since the 16th century. Initially, the industry was developed to produce coloured stained glass, decorating the several churches being built at the time. Eventually, realizing the utility of glass, dedicated factories were erected. Many survived and even thrive today. Despite the industrial scale of glass production, various pieces are still handmade by skilled artisans who spent years honing their craft. Sadly, such people and methods are becoming a rarity.

Where can I see and touch the glass decanter?

We have a showroom in São João da Madeira, Portugal, where you can see in person the glass decanter! If you are close to our space, please book a visit and we’ll be happy to welcome you and answer any of your questions. You can also ask us if we have a retailer near to you so you can see and try our products.

How much are the return shipping costs of the glass decanter?

The return shipping costs will vary, depending on the weight of the product and where it is being shipped from. The customer is responsible for any shipping charges associated with returning the order to our warehouse – located in Portugal. Please pack the product as you receive it to be a safe shipping. Andcontact us to webshop@damportugal.com for further assistance and we’ll be happy to help!

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