Coloured Diamond Rug

Striped rug by Sugo

The COLORED DIAMOND rug is more than a rug, it’s a design piece that embraces sustainability. This striped rug combines cork in its natural shade with linen and cotton recovered from large industrial productions. It offers performance benefits such as durability, thermal and acoustic insulation, comfort and minimizes the risk of allergies. This striped rug adds a cheerful splash of color and warmth to any interior. This is a Portuguese rug that makes you smile.

Product time: 6 – 10 weeks.


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Sugo cork rugs


Bordeaux, Fuschia, Light blue, Turquoise, White

Delivery time


2 – 12 weeks
We try to dispatch the items as soon as possible. Dispatch is when we ship the item to our delivery partners who handle final delivery. Delivery should be made within 3 working days.

Designed by

Designed by Susana Godinho for SUGO CORK RUGS – a brand of innovative hand-woven rugs with a contemporary and sustainable design, differentiated by the use of a patent-pending cork solution in a manufacturing process that brings the traditional weaving art techniques back.

Made in Portugal

SUGO CORK RUGS privileges the best Portugal has to offer, working with producers and suppliers, who share the same concerns for the environment and sustainable practices.


Combination of cork, linen and cotton. The range of colours in this combination is limited since we work with recycled cotton, a byproduct of knitted fabrics major productions. Hem sewn on linen.

Important details

With the use of a cork solution, this product offers numerous performance benefits such as durability, thermal and acoustic insulation, comfort, and minimizes the risk of allergies.

Package details

W80xD12xL12 cm / W31.5xD4.7xL4.7 in; 3 kg / 6.6 lbs (size A)
W100xD12xL12 cm / W39xD4.7xL4.7 in; 4 kg / 8.8 lbs (size B)
W140xD14xL14 cm / W55xD5.5xL5.5 in; 7 kg / 15.4 lbs (size C)
W160xD15xL15cm / W63xD6xL6 in; 10 kg / 22 lbs (size D)
W200xD17xL17 cm / W79xD6.7xL6.7 in; 15 kg / 33 lbs (size E)

Maintenance & Care

Vacuum your rug regularly. In case of stains, immediately remove the liquid with kitchen paper or a clean white cloth. For solid stains, please scratch carefully with the tip of a knife or spoon. Prolonged exposure to the sun can change the color of your rug so avoid submitting it to bright light and rotate it regularly. We recommend dry clean your rug at a specialized service. When necessary, take your rug to a specialist dry cleaner.


This product is guaranteed for a period of 3 years. It includes problems concerned with the production or material faults. During this time we will repair or replace the product. The warranty excludes all damages caused by improper usage, negligence or natural wearing out of the product.
Handmade in Portugal
Minimizing waste
Inside EU
+351 920 401 918

How to choose the right size of a modern living room rug?

A small-size rug with about 80×150 cm or 100×160 cm fits well a bedroom. A medium-size rug with about 140×200 cm fits well a 2-seater sofa or a 4-seat dining table.A medium-size rug with about 160×240 cm fits well a 2-seater sofa, a 3-seater sofa, a 2-seater sofa with chaise lounge or a 4-seat dining table. A large rug with about 200×300 cm fits well a 3-seater sofa, a 2-seater sofa with chaise lounge or a 6-seat dining table.

What kind of modern living room rug makes a room look bigger?

Modern living room rugs in tones of beige, sand, and taupe will make your room seem bigger and sprawling.

How to clean this striped rug?

If you are able to lift this striped rug with ease, there’ll be nothing stopping you from carrying out the first step in cleaning your rug: simply shaking it out or beating it outside in the garden. But if your striped rug is heavy and difficult to move, you should start off by vacuuming it.

How to remove stains from the striped rug?

If stains happen attend to them immediately. But never use harsh chemicals and avoid rubbing the stains and be careful not to use too much water. With dry stains, we recommend scraping with a blunt object like a tablespoon or a spatula and then vacuum clean the remains. Begin from the edge of the stain and scrape towards the centre. But be careful to not damage the rug fibers.

Can I return the striped rug?

This modern living room rug is made to order and produced according to your specific choices of color/size. This way we can be more sustainable and avoid the excess. Therefore, we are unable to offer a refund or an exchange once the order has been made, unless it has problems concerned with production or material faults. In that case, we will repair or replace the products.

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